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Lauren Mahakian, LCSW


My name is Lauren Mahakian, I'm a licensed clinical social worker in California.  I've developed InnerTwined after years of working with many, many folks across settings with one common theme:  We all want to feel seen, heard, healthy, and connected.  I believe there are some focus areas to achieve these wants, and InnerTwined is a space in which to find the resources to do so.  I hope you find helpful tools here, and I wish you an expansive journey.  —Lauren


InnerTwined is dedicated to sharing and evolving the philosophy that all is interconnected, and that wellness is a state of being that comes about when we are able to balance those interconnections in harmony with one another.  Not perfect harmony, but harmony.  Wellness can be a challenging state to reach, let alone maintain, for each of us as individuals, as well as for our interpersonal relationships, family systems, communities, and on a broader scale, our countries and the planet overall as a living collection of beings.  However, InnerTwined believes that when we can start to focus on increasing our individual wellness—something that we have more say in that we tend to think—the harmonious energy created in the process can grow and inspire wellness all around us, spreading outward towards the other individual beings and collectives that we are interconnected with, and eventually flowing across the world.  It sounds impossible and sort of dreamy, perhaps (and maybe even a bit overwhelming!), but the idea is not to focus on the broader scale, the idea is to focus on what we do have some control over, which is our own wellness.  And when, as a result of our wellness, any other being is positively impacted by our balanced energy, great!  (Though we would argue that this is always the case, whether we physically see it or not.)

When we become aware of the different aspects that compose each of us as whole beings—our minds, physical experiences, and spirituality—and commit to intentionally assessing which of these aspects may need more energy and attention at any given time, it allows us to reach more and more towards that state of wellness, or interconnected harmony, within ourselves.  And by doing this, ultimately, we can stay in a state of wellness more often and for longer periods of time.  Indefinitely?  Likely not.  But longer bouts of this state feel very good and impact our lives in positive ways.  Life is dynamic, and so is our wellness balance.  We truly believe mindfulness is at the center of this journey, as it can allow us to connect with ourselves in a healthy way, and therefore allow us to tend to our own interconnected parts as we need.  A healthy connection with ourselves is the foundation for creating individual wellness, and individual wellness is the foundation for creating all other healthy connections and interconnections, with all beings around us.


We always encourage feedback!  Please reach out with questions or comments.

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