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Balancing Wellness

Learning to balance our mental, physical, and spiritual wellness is a complex, ongoing practice that shifts with our ever changing lives.  At InnerTwined, we believe that mindfulness is at the center of all wellness, as it is what allows us to become aware of where our energy may need redistribution at any given time.


Our Philosophy

Spirituality, mindfulness, wellness, mental health

Life is dynamic, and so is our wellness. InnerTwined is dedicated to the philosophy that all is interconnected, and that wellness is a state of being that is experienced when we are able to balance those connections in harmony with one another. At the center of this journey is mindfulness, which allows us to, in any moment of time, check in with ourselves for guidance on rebalancing. A healthy connection with self is the foundation for creating our own individual wellness, and individual wellness is the foundation for creating all other healthy outward connections. 

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At InnerTwined, we believe that when we focus on increasing our individual wellness, the positive energy created in the process inspires wellness all around us, in ways we may not even be aware. The energy we emanate adds to the collective of all living beings, and allows for growth and expansion. 


InnerTwined is here to provide you with the tools to not only help you identify your personal vision of individual wellness, but also to help you implement and maintain these new wellness habits through the use of mindfulness.  It is powerful to truly understand the notion that you don't have to know all of the answers in life!  Learning to tune in to your inner guidance system, which gets easier and stronger with practice, will always provide the answers needed for any question, any decision, at any point in life, always.  It's just a matter of tuning into it.  When we can keep our wellness balanced, it allows us to not only create the life we want, but also keeps us present so we can fully experience and appreciate the journey that's unfolding.

We are so excited you are ready to start exploring your personal wellness and can't wait to see where your journey leads you.

Areas of wellness

As we embark on, or add to, or further develop our wellness journeys, it's helpful to get to know the three main spheres that overall wellness is comprised of.  All are equally important, they are interdependent, and often overlap.

Meditation, mindfulness, wellness, spirituality
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